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Saturday, 30 June 2012

The most important packaging oils

These requirements are checked regularly by the ISO organization members to check the legitimacy in the companies and the ISO certificate is renewed only if the company is found to be fulfilling the minimum requirements of the ISO regularly. Now a day, companies have started following the ISO requirements and consider the ISO certificate as an integral part of their organization. The company that packs oil is known as the oil packaging company and the method of packing of the oil is known as oil packaging. Children of small ages tend to get attracted towards funky packing’s and products.

Their product can get a boost in the sales and the point is true till some extent we see many companies using famous cartoon characters on their product packing thinking that using characters such as “Tom and Jerry” or “Pikachu” from “Pok√©mon”. If the volume is moderate, if a small amount of is required to be packed, it would generally be packed in pouches and if more amount of oil is to be packed, then it would be packed in big tins there are more chances that it would be packed in cans. The looks are a source of luring for children. This is a fact proved by science and a thing used by many companies to increase their market and that is packing. Packing of the oil will depend on the volume of oil that is to be packed.

The little ones are not mature enough to understand that just because a product is good in looks does not mean that it is good in quality and taste. But also it plays an important part in the looks of the products the oil packaging is an integral part of any product not only for preserving the freshness of the product. Even the durability of the packing is a very important factor in Oil and Fluid packing as the fluids should not spill out of the packing during transportation from the company to the store and from the store to the house.

The ISO has rolled down some rules for companies in the food and drugs industry that need to be fulfilled by any company before getting the ISO certificate. Packing is given a special stress by the companies as the life of the product depends entirely on the quality and the type of packing that is used for the product with so much of checking and inspection going on throughout the world. 1) Vegetable oil and 2) hair oil two types of oil are available in the market that requires packing. Pouches, etc can’s, oil is usually packed in tins. Packing in liquid bags needs to be given special importance and strict checking on the quality of the packing needs to be maintained by the companies of today as the health of the citizen and hence the health of the country is dependent on the quality of food that we eat..!!


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